Businesses love uAccept because it’s affordable, easy to use, and easy to manage!



  • "They have the cloud system where I can go on my computer and look up the sales and numbers and reports, everything just works a lot smoother."
    Knockout Burgers
  • "I really like the function of emailing or texting receipts. That's less paperwork for you and less paperwork for us."
    Lorenzo's Pizzeria
  • "The uAccept POS is all digital. At the push of a button you get total sales for the day, month, and year, and it's just a really great product."
    Lorenzo's Pizzeria
  • "I would definitely recommend the uAccept POS. I'm telling my neighbors, I'm telling other business owners how easy it is for me, how easy it is for my employees to catch on."
    Lorenzo's Pizzeria
  • "The technical support is incredible and hands-down reliable. The time vs. money is priceless."
    Bamboo-2-U & Tikis Too
  • "It's a simple program, very effective, very efficient, I would definitely recommend uAccept."
    Lorenzo's Pizzeria
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