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Is Your Business EMV Ready?
Starting October 2015, a shift will take place in how consumers pay using credit cards and we want to make sure you’re business is ready for the change.
This payment standard, called EMV, will affect the way your business accepts credit card payments, which is why we’ve made the uAccept POS compatible with an external EMV (chip and PIN) reader.
EMV is a secure payment standard, developed by Europay®, MasterCard®, and Visa®, that uses consumer credit cards with embedded microchips in addition to a PIN to increase security and reduce fraud.
The use of a PIN adds security because it’s a number only the cardholder knows. The embedded microchip uses dynamic authentication, meaning a new encryption key is created each time a transaction takes place at any EMV-enabled terminal, making it difficult duplicate.
Make sure your business is ready for the upcoming change, with the complete and affordable uAccept POS system.