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Two Complete Cloud Cash Registers

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Try Our New EMV Reader

The compact MA150 EMV Reader retail
PIN Pad is the unmatched option for
adaptability and convenience.

  • Meets PCI PTS V3.0 security standards
  • Compact design and single cable
  • Built on Telium2 technology platform
  • Accept multiple forms of electronic payment
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    Cloud Based Software

    Powerful Cloud Software

    Access real time business data from any Internet connected device!

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    The world’s most affordable COMPLETE POS

    Hardware Includes

    Capacitive 9.7" Touch Screen
    Capacitive Touch Screen (9.7″ or 8″)
    Encrypted Magnetic Card Reader
    Encrypted Magnetic Card Reader
    Internal Printer
    Internal Slip Printer
    Integrated Customer Display
    Integrated Customer Display
    5 Bill Cash Drawer
    5 Bill Cash Drawer
    Integrated Text Messaging


    Text Messaging

    Receive customer orders and

    send confirmation replies


    EMV Reader >

    Secure plug-and-play

    PIN pad addition

    Cloud Connected

    Point of Sale System

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    FREE Loyalty Program


    Loyalty Program

    Reward your customers

    and yourself


    Advanced Analytics



    Track sales data and

    customer trends

    Integrated Payment Processing



    You choose what forms

    of payment you accept


    Unlimited Storage



    When combined with the powerful cloud software, the uAccept POS gives your business unparalleled technology without the cost of traditional systems.

    Add Products and Categories

    Run Reports

    Run and Export Reports

    Manage Loyalty

    Manage Loyalty

    Manage Multiple POS Devices
    Manage Multiple Devices in
    One Account
    The Power of a POS for the Price of a Cash Register
    Great technology for your business can be expensive. Very expensive. Unlike consumer electronics, such as cell phones and tablets, business products don’t tend to get better and less expensive over time. Historically, the opposite is true. Business machines like cash registers and point of sale systems slowly creep up in price and offer very few enhancements over time. Take a stroll through your local office supply superstore and you will see the same cash registers at the same prices that were available ten years ago. The only businesses that are able to take advantage of advancements in technology are big businesses that have big budgets to pay for technology and big teams to implement.
    Dated Cash Registers
    At Workwell™ Technologies, we are a small business that is dedicated to helping local businesses compete in a world where they are outgunned by large national chains that have a technology advantage (among other advantages). Since 2005 we have been working with thousands of companies nationwide by providing low-cost business products and services that offer enterprise functionality.
    After launching the uAttend Employee Management System (cloud connected time clocks) in 2010 and quickly becoming the fastest growing time and attendance company in the United States, we set our sights on making life better for small retailers and restaurants. We wanted to deliver the power of a point of sale for the price of a cash register. We wanted it to be plug and play, have features even the national chains don’t have, and we wanted it to be cloud connected so our business owner and manager clients can get work done when and where they want.
    Cloud Connected POS Point of Sale
    The result of our product development efforts is the uAccept Point of Sale system, with the MB3000 being our first device. It was very important to us that we don’t develop half a solution (a box of peripherals that requires you to bring your own iPad to the table and doesn’t offer a customer facing display for your customers), so we took particular care in developing the hardware to make sure everything was integrated.
    The MB3000 is compact, yet able to compete with any POS that will cost 10 times as much. The 9.7” capacitive touch screen is clear and crisp. The integrated card reader is a top of the line Magtek that encrypts the card when it is swiped. We built in a powerful and quiet printer and a wide and easy to read customer display. All of this sits on top of a high quality 5 bill cash drawer. And yes, it really is as inexpensive as a mid-range cash register.
    Cash Register vs. POS Point of Sale
    Once we finalized the hardware, we got busy making POS software that blows away the competition. The MB3000 is the ONLY POS that can communicate with your customer via text (the way most of your customers WANT to communicate). Having a great day at the shop? Tweet it. Not from your cell phone, but rather right from the POS. So easy, so intuitive, and soooo cool. Not to toot our own horn, but it goes to show that you don’t need to be a billion dollar company to produce a product that blows away the products the billion dollar companies produce (and you know who we are talking about).
    uAccept MB3000 POS
    We love the uAccept system and really hope you will too. We offer a LIFETIME guarantee, so you better believe we didn’t skim on production or parts. When you call us, we will pick up the phone. Right in our Carlsbad California headquarters. Real people. We will answer your questions, we will treat you with respect, and we will really truly help you get the most out of our products so you can make the most of your business.
    Explore the site, watch a video, and register for a demo. If you have a question, give us a call at (800) 518-8925, email us, use the live chat, or text us at (760) 278-6620. We want to hear from you. And we want to help you grow your local business without spending a fortune.